somebody put this on a fucking t shirt

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Raw vanilla chocolate chunk cheesecake with peanut butter + coconut / Recipe

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pascalispunk: Con Album Cover #GoT #sandiegocomiccon @sophie_789 @maisie_williams

pascalispunk: Con Album Cover #GoT #sandiegocomiccon @sophie_789 @maisie_williams

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Best insults of all time

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SINCE U BEEN GONE !!!!!!!!!!!! (since u been gone) I CAN BREATHE FOR THE FIRST TIME IM SO MOVING ON (ya ya) THANKS TO YOU (thanks to you) NOW I GET (now i get) I GET WHAT I WAAAAAAAAAANT

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  • Europeans: I drove forty minutes to the Netherlands for some groceries and then I popped into Germany to see some of my relatives before driving back home.
  • Americans: I was in Florida, I drove for nine hours, now I'm still in Florida.
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I follow back everyone!


I follow back everyone!

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Bonus panel version here.

This kind of ridiculousness is not allowed in my house. I know you are perfectly capable of doing this shit so we just won’t have clean dishes until you figure it out, because it is your turn and I refuse do it.

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I think I might have broken my finger reblogging this. 

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if today you did something that was hard for you, no matter how small it may seem to someone else or even yourself, i am proud of you

good job

you did the thing

that’s so good

you’re so good

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#I swear the first time I saw some of these on other sites that people share I thought they were actual pics of Jensen. #OMFG #Holy fucking shit they are beautiful and perfect and omfg I love them. #That is real fucking talent.# I mean it looks almost exactly like Jensen, and he is perfection and it is hard to capture that perfection but these pics did. wow. #Total mind fucking blown



this is art and i am so mad

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Proband Special by Stefan Hoppe.

The goal was to create a typeface that looks reputable and still original. Notably, some uppercase characters indicate this font its unique character. It is ideally suited for both body text and headings, or modern logos.

Get it here:

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