I hate being told to do something I was already planning on doing

like I was all about doing this task, and then you told me to do it and now i am annoyed and this task is now 300x less likely to be completed

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On rare years when the conditions are right in the arid landscape of the Badlands, in the American West, wildflowers burst into a display of colour for just a few days.
The vegetation in the region has adapted to the climate, with just a small amount of moisture the desert can become coloured with sweeping fields of Scorpion Weed, Beeplant and the flowers of the Pincushion Cacti. These blooms can be very short-lived to conserve moisture.

Photographs by Guy Tal

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Ma’at, the Winged Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Harmony.

19th Dynasty.

Tomb of pharaoh Siptah (reign as a child 1197 – 1191 BC).

Valley of the Kings. Western Thebes. Egypt

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fireflies in timelapse, photos by (click pic) vincent bradytakehito miyataketsuneaki hiramatsu and spencer black

magical as fuck


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"Don’t just do something; stand there."

This may sound a bit redundant, but having anxiety is stressful… It’s as if every time something starts getting the slightest bit off track, my brain yells, “Don’t just stand there! DO something!” As if by keeping everything as perfect as possible, I can somehow prevent my worries from coming to fruition. The funny thing is, this method never seems to work, and yet… Old habits die hard, ya know? So I’m thinking maybe it’s time to try something new. Maybe, instead of trying to react as quickly as possible to “fix” whatever is seemingly going wrong, I should instead remind myself, “Don’t just do something; stand there.”

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Today was so good. Why do I feel so bummed?


Land of those who fight to be free

and the home of the brave

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  1. Tension Building-Tensions increase, breakdown of communication, victim becomes fearful and feels the need to placate the abuser.
  2. Incident-Verbal,emotional & physical abuse. Anger, blaming,arguing. Threats and intimidation. 
  3. Reconciliation-Abuser apologizes, gives excuses, blames the victim, denies the abuse occurred, or says that is wasn’t as bad as the victim says.
  4. Calm-Incident is “forgotten,” no abuse is taking place. The “honeymoon phase.”
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